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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What is that saying about the "best laid plans of men & mice"? All my good intentions wiped out for the last few days. I've been in one of those "vegetative" moods the last few days and haven't gotten anything done....other than a little housework (long overdue I might add).

What a crazy winter this has been so far, fluxuating from warm (in the 50's) to fridgid (below zero). Weather has turned cold with howling snow, so that's a small blessing. We did get quite a bit of rain last night when it warmed up, but it's cooling down again, to warm up again tomorrow, for the rest of the week. The creek across the road is out of it's banks and almost into the neighbor's they put up with it flooding 2-3 times a year is beyond me. I notice there's a For Sale sign up, but I'm not sure it's for their house or one of the others along the road. They just built an addition to the side of the house, so maybe it isn't theirs.

Great news friend Constance Favorite, late resident of New Orleans is indeed safe as is all her family. She is living in Baton Rouge for the time being, her house had six feet of water in it for over 2 months. She has hopes of moving back home soon. You cannot imagine my relief when I got a short letter in return from the one I sent to her old address before Christmas. I spent a month or more looking at the "Safe" lists everywhere I could find one, before giving up. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to write to her before....the post office would find her if she had put in a change of address. Guess I was afraid that she hadn't gotten out and I didn't want to face that. Constance and I have a long history going back to the bombing in OK where she lost her daughter, Lakesha Levy. I made her an angel quilt and then a series of memory quilts.

Today I finally went to the doctor about my hand. My family doctor thought it was tendonitis, this doctor thought it was a combination of carpel tunnel and tendonitis. I'm to wear a wrist brace at night, double up on the Aleve and go for tests next week. I am not looking forward to it....they put the brace on me at the doctor's office and then I had to sign papers and make out a check.....wasn't that a barrel of fun.

Considering that the Quilt Shop was just across the road, I went in to chat and set up classes. I'm going to teach "The Incredible Jacket" and a Casserole Carrier in March and April. We'll see how this one goes before I set up any more. I'm already teaching Basic Sewing classes at Strobel's in Williamsport. All that should keep my Friday nights tied up for a couple of months and maybe keep me out of trouble.

Off to figure out what I want to eat for supper, the grandson finished eating the whole second pizza I made the other night by himself. He also finished all the golash, so there is nothing in the way of leftovers. I'll find something or have to cook.....later!



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