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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Well, I did get one little thing done this week. I made a " Little Treasures" big enough to hold 4 FQ's for the Susquahanna Guild's delayed Christmas dinner. That should spark a lot of crazy trading back and forth before it gets to it's new owner. I enlarged the pattern 300% on the copier and then had to tape it together. It's just big enough to fit 4-6 FQ's in it......I will not think about the time I spent embellishing it. I also didn't use a piece of my Timtex or Fast2Fuse, but used a piece of Shade Interfacing....I just wanted to try it out and didn't want to waste the "really expensive" stuff. I had to use a layer of "fusible" for the second side, since the shade interfacing is only fusible on one side, but I need to use that stuff up anyway, it's pretty old and seperating from the paper. Inside, I put 4 FQ's of hand dyed fabric, one of them being a piece of Complex Cloth that I made.

I spent a lot of time, all day yesterday, listing books on eBay and doing a little shopping there myself. I spent more money on novels, as though I don't have hundreds here on the bookshelves that I haven't read yet. If I ever get laid up for a while, I'll have tons of reading....

Got to get busy and get the BOM done for the guild and get them emailed today....late as usual. I really need to stop making Betsy email me that she needs them...Maybe today, I'll do three of them, and get ahead of the game! I hope.

Off to Williamsport to pick up the patterns and coats from Pat. She has given me permission to teach her coat pattern and will sell me all her patterns.


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