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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I thought I'd post photos today of the scrapbook room I created earlier this month when my son and grandson moved out and I was able to reclaim a couple of rooms in the house. I'm really thrilled with how they turned out.

The tour begins with the walk-in closet to the left of the doorway.

Inside the left side of the closet are my stacks of 13x13 Art Bins that I've purchased from Joanns, at half price of course, over time. The Art Bins hold packs of new paper, pages in progress or pages that need journal entries, card making pages of 3D images, etc. I have a temporary box on the second shelf that hold my embossing plates in folders (not seen in this photo). I need to find a suitable box for them that the lid will actually fit, and give me more's filled. The crate on the floor holds die cuts & stickers by special categories. Top shelf holds mainly empty boxes for some of my tools and a few porcelain or 16 inch fashion dolls I intend to make clothes for one of these days.

To the right side of the closet, are my boxes of ribbons and Cuddlebug. Next shelf down are my card and scrap magazines. Bottom shelf holds photo boxes of quilt shows before I got a digital camera and stopped printing all of them. The 10 drawer unit shown sideways holds extra supplies like glue, ribbons, silk flowers, etc. On top of it are two of my Xyron machines. I have the little X one that I keep under my work table in a carrier. The black tote holds some more paper that I took to a scrap day and haven't bothered to put away....that will go with me to NE next month to visit family. We are going to be making cards this trip. There are mirror sliding doors to hide the contents of the closet, which makes it nice to present a clean room.

On the south wall of the room, I have a recliner to watch TV, there is a turntable CD holder that I'm starting to add stamps to as I run out of room in the drawer units. The 10 drawer units to the left holds die cuts, embellishments, mounting for stamps & tools, glitter, beads and stencil paints. I need to rearrange some of these drawers because I emptied some of them in the re-organization. The second set of drawers holds stamps, stamp wheels, handmade stamps and foam stamps in the bottom drawer. I took all my wood stamps and put them on EZ Mount from Sunday International It took several hundred dollars and about a month or more, but made them easier to store and takes up a lot less room. I now buy almost all acrylic stamps unless I find a sale on a wood stamp that I can't resist. On top of the bin is a craft storage unit I bought at AC Moore that has little plastic tubs and use for spray adhesives, paints and misc. items, it spins so you can get to all the bins. On the left of it, barely visible is the stamp pad holder I made from some drawer dividers and a old drawer from the garage. Beyond that is my paper stacker my son made me using the shelves out of the one I purchased and that fell apart every time it was bumped, forget about moving it on the casters. The bookcase next to it holds all my cutting mats on the side. On the shelves, notebooks holding photos to be scrapped, or 8x11 Scrapbooks in progress, books on card & scrapbooking, boxes of photos and two more boxes of stamps, some that need to be mounted on EZ Mount and others that are Close To My Heart acrylic stamps that come in their own plastic pouches. I have notebooks with actual punch outs glued to pages so I know the punches I have and die cuts, one that contains a photo or actual stamp of most of my stamps (I still need to do all the handmade ones) and a couple of the images on my Cricut cartridges. I also have my Creative Memories cutters and templates on these shelves.

Moving around the room, there is my Worktable in the center of the room. I do my page layouts there and make cards. I do try to keep the surface clean of items not necessary when I'm working, since it's a smaller table to make room for the end drawer units. On top it now is the project I was working on, making embossed tags to show what I have. Behind the table on the cart are my Cricut Expression and Baby Cricut. Baby Cricut is going home with my GD/adopted daughter & GGD in a couple of weeks, I don't use it now that I have the Expression and they can use it for a lot of things, since both of them are very crafty. I'm going to mount a hook on the side of the cart to hold my embossing gun so that it's handy. The 10 drawer unit beside the table holds my working tools and supplies. I have my Pearl EX, Perfect Pearls, plates for the Cuttlebug, punches, etc. in these drawers. Again, I need to shuffle around supplies because I emptied a few drawers.

The table against the wall holds my Wishblade to the far left, my laptop and my Pazzles. On the shelves above it are: Top shelf, re-inkers in the plaid fabric box, notebooks full of items for cards by category (birthday, get well, etc.) a box of completed cards that only need the inside finished (done as needed). Second shelf has my collection of Cricut Cartridges and a couple of mugs of brushes and pens. Third shelf has my markers, misters I made from re-inkers & Pearl EX, ink pads,6x6 card stacks, and chalk tins. They are resting on a piece of foam that a came with a computer part and I cut a half circle so they could be tilted out so I can see what I have. Under the table is my scrap paper that I try to use before cutting up another sheet, and my files of "time lines" to refer to when I make my albums. Once I finish all the albums, I'll be able to ditch all this paper. I may have to add another shelf if I add any other cartridges, which means I'll have to buy longer mounting strips than I did. The entire room only cost me an additional $20 for shelf hardware, since I had everything else scattered around the house and in closets.

This is the shot of the TV, 10 drawer unit with colored drawers that hold various supplies, the remainder of the purchased paper stacker that now holds 12x12 albums in progress (or empty). The purple squares are actually magnetic memo boards that now hold tins with various embellishments, flower soft, etc. I have one extra that I can put the tins I'm using on along with a magnetic bowl and transport to the work table.

These are the tags I made so that I could see what embossing plates I actually had. I hang it on that unit that holds the 12x12 albums and magnetic boards. I started out inking them, and finally went to chalking them. The person that gave me the idea uses black paper with a color core and then sands off the black to expose the pattern, but that's a little too expensive for me to do. I have two pads of that paper and it didn't have a lot of pages and was expensive. This method shows me what I have just fine for my purposes. When doing all my Fiskar plates, I glued the tag back to back so that I knew that plate had double sides. I was amazed at what I had when I was doing this exercise, most of these plates I had never used.

Finally, barely seen in the pictures is the ink pad holder I made for my various pads like the Distress pads. It's pretty full now and all the pads are now labeled on the side facing out. It will do until I can afford to buy the one I really want. This now sits on top of the two sets of 10 drawers next to the paper stacker.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my Scrap room. I'm really enjoying it. I can sit and work on a couple pages at night while I watch TV, or just sit and read before going to bed. It's taken the TV out of my bedroom since I moved that one to the living room that I never use....most wasted room in any house in my opinion. I found that I get a lot more done now, since I can sew, clean or do yard work during the day and then stay up as long as I want in my Scrap room, but not miss any program I want to catch on TV.


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