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Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Spirit Song

Yesterday, I had the privilage of viewing one of the most magnificent quilt I've seen in a long time. Made from OESD 879 Spirit Song by Chris from the bernina_series8 yahoo group. Go here to view a slide presentation of will take your breathe away.

I attended a lecture by Betty Neff (those in PA might be familiar with her)Thursday evening. She had just won the Challenge put on by a local museum based on an artists paintings (sorry, I forgot both the name of the museum and the artist name). Using the concept of Spirit song, I'm going to go through my embroidery designs, find new ones if necessary and create my own "Songs of the Spirit), things and memories that have sang to me through the years. I'll use symbols for all the states I've lived in, sewing machine, words, song titles, trees, cactus, things that remind me of special things in my life, like when my grandson lost his new cowboy boot in the alligator pond at the zoo..all I need is a alligator and a boot...or a snail for the time I found about 200 crawling up the closet of my 4 year old son. All the little things that you want to capture and remember, little snapshots of memories. 'll use my own hand dyed, marbled, silk-screened, printed fabrics to create this quilt, I have lots of sample colors so I can include lots of colors
and I'll be preserving the skills & memories of the fabric I created over the last 18 years. We were challenged by Betty to create a Story Quilt and Chris's Spirit Song provided that inspiration. I'll start working on it right after I finish all my Christmas presents. In addition, once the quilt is finished, I'll make a Scrapbook with snapshots of all the blocks and write the memory that goes with the block. I cannot wait to get started with this project.


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