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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Actually turned on the new 830 yesterday and got it threaded....sewed a few lines, but the screen is so confusing. As you can see, the footprint is Enormous compared to the D1, hence my name for it....The Monster.

I downloaded a bunch of instructions for getting to know the first lesson isn't for a they think I won't use it before then......I think not. I also downloaded the 830 Tote as a project to work on to get to know the machine. I'll probably not try it for a couple of days, I'm working on Christmas presents and I want to get the bulk of them done.....all but the towels I'm going to monogram....I'm going to buy the new Magna ? (? magnetic) hoop on Tues. at the Bernina event day. My friend uses it to do quilts and towels. I'll do a little each day until I get to know the machine....having the same problems with my Designer 1, that I only used for embroidery. I had to figure out how to adjust the tension on it yesterday, I'm now sewing on it as my main machine. Nothing like owning a machine for 10 years and not knowing how to use it for basic sewing....I'm determined I will not do that with the 830. Getting rid of the D1 is not an option....I have 35+ years of feet collected.

They are mailing me the Jumbo hoop that I got as a rebate from buying the machine, and they have to mail me the button control for the Quilting Frame. I won't be setting up the frame for a while, I need to decide where to put the stuff downstairs that is occupying the space I need for the Frame.

My Implosions are now turning out almost 100% of the times I try them. That means maybe I'm only unhappy with one out of 5 of them, but it's still a decent implosion. Almost time to start learning how to do something new. I tend to stick to trying something new until I "get it". I'll go to Deb for some lessons on maybe angels and snowmen ornaments, then I need to learn how to do beads (I've done a few, but need a lot of practice). I made the Incredible Coat for her, and she owes me studio time, lessons or glass in exchange. I have a nice big "bank" to collect from her...the coat took me 36.5 hours to make.

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  • At 10:40 AM, Blogger Luv 2 Kreate said…

    It takes a little while to get used to the machine...I have the 820 so I don't have all the extra stuff to learn. I have been playing with mine and getting to know her for about 2 weeks now. I have spent close to 6 hours a day sewing...took me a few days to get she is my BFF! LOL
    Have fun!

  • At 6:07 PM, Blogger Joan said…

    It was here that I saw that you bought the 830. I was surprised. But I am also happy for you. I know that you will put it through it's paces and master it in no time at all.

    Get sewing my friend.


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