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Saturday, October 31, 2009 old eyes need prescription reading glasses

Well, I've wasted away the morning clearing up lots of old emails and ordering new glasses. I managed to order 2 pair of prescription reading glasses, a pair of bifocals (progressive with anti-glare coating) for driving and when I want to read/watch TV, and a pair of bifocals for my flamework (higher magnification for close work) cost from Zenni Optical including postage (a flat 4.95 fee) was 127.95 for the four pair. Quite a savings from ordering regular bifocals from one of the Eye Glass stores at $344+ for one pair I know someone who now orders all her glasses from there and has set aside a "Glasses Drawer" in her dresser to hold them. I gave in a couple of months ago when the store reading glasses were just not working for eye is slightly different from the other and ordered two pair from Sears for $100. If I wanted to upgrade to bifocals (for one of the other prescriptions), it was going to cost me about $179 for one pair on sale, if I remembered right. I'm not sure the last pair for the flamework will not be a waste of money, but the magnification is what me flamework teacher told me she got, so I had the doctor give me a prescription for that, just haven't taken the time or money to order.

Let me tell you about my quest to get the prescription reading glasses (only). Quotes for using my old frame and only getting the lenses ran from $130 to 304. If I wanted the progressive, it was $349 to 535. I went to four places including Pearle Vision, Vision Max, Walmart & Sears. Now my new prescription is way less than it was before my cataract surgery, so I didn't need to pay extra for the extra thin plastic lenses (to reduce the weight on my nose), didn't want the photo-chromatic lenses either. Why on earth, when they have most of the labs on site are the lenses so expensive? How is it that I can go to Sears when they have a sale and get two pair of glasses (single vision) for $100....why can't I get that kind of a deal anywhere for $50 or less for single vision. Do they have to have that much of a markup? Sure, if I can use them, I can pick up a pair of reading glasses for anywhere from $1 (Dollar Store only) to $15 at any store, but after surgery, one eye was a different prescription than the they bothered me and kept me from reading.

Time to get to work. I need to fold some clothes, clean up my bedroom and then get downstairs to sew. I need to get ALL my Christmas presents that need to be made done in the next three weeks. I've made the decision to go to NE for Christmas again this year, but I need to be ready to go sooner if my Dad should get worse before then. I'd rather hand deliver them than pay the postage later on. I'm still going to have to mail seven of them, but that can't be helped.


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